Molly Gray is an actress and writer in Los Angeles.



"Elijah" is the LA Times Critic's Choice

Gray stands out in a strong cast. She delivers a raw portrayal of Dawn, a woman coping with a legacy that will forever define her — both in her painful memories of the past and her halting progression into an uncertain future.”- LA Times.

“On the comedy front, Dawn (Molly Gray) and Greg’s snappy patter  could easily make them engaging sitcom leads.”

Gray and Wall display light comedic skills and matching dramatic chops when things get dark”- Stage Scene LA. 



"Elijah" at the Victory Theatre

Molly will play the lead role of Dawn in the West Coast Premiere of "Elijah"  by Judith Leora. Nov. 1- Dec. 22, 2019. Fri and Sat at 8 pm and Sun at 4 pm. 

Hurricane Elijah has closed down all the roads in a small town in Texas. A disparate group of people take refuge in a TGIFridays restaurant, while, weather permitting, a high-profile execution is scheduled in a nearby prison. The restaurant is low on staff, low on food, but loded with revelatory exchanges between both intimates and strangers who are impacted by the hurricane, the execution, and the difficulty of reconciling mercy and violence in this little corner of the world.

Elijah is a very human dramedy by the critically acclaimed writer of Showpony, telling the story of a brave young woman who wants to reconcile with her past so she can free her future.

Victory Theatre Center 3326 W. Victory Blvd.  Burbank, CA 91505

Original Projects

MArgot In Paradise


Margot in Paradise: “Margot in Paradise” follows Margot Sinclair, a sexual assault counselor as she embarks on a vendetta to get justice for her patients by murdering their rapists; giving into the homicidal tendencies she has repressed since a childhood trauma.  


With the anti-hero arc of “Breaking Bad,” and sanguinary violence of “Reservoir Dogs,” “Margot In Paradise” explodes with a thrilling cat and mouse plot akin to a Female “Dexter,” in the micro-universe of “Dietland.” Get ready to root for the anti- hero, the women of our country deserve. 

86 My life

86 My Life: After disaster strikes her business and personal life, a 20-something woman must navigate her way though the crazy underground world of late night bar tending in New York City.

“Alcohol….because no good story started with someone eating a salad.”  Every break-down, black-out, and hook up of the insane drinking crowds of NYC are shared through the eyes of the bar staff of Cosgrove’s Pub and their eclectic group of regulars. This series will take a raw, unapologetic, not watered down look at bar tending in a big city.  “86” is a dark work place comedy that shows the audience what it takes to survive the bar world and who the lunatics are that make a living at it. 

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Wingwoman: A sharp tongued woman must abandon her scheming ways in order to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a matchmaker by helping a socially awkward author find love.

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How may We help you?


How May We Help You?: Workplace comedy that examines the discordance between the front and back of house of  classic, fine dining New York City restaurant. The disaster, comradery and hilarity that ensues throughout any given dinner service. Sweetbitter meets Brooklyn 99. 

The lear Project


The Lear Project: "King Lear" set in modern day Boston, where the kingdom in contention is the empire of the Italian mob. Goneril makes her play for the throne and enlists Edmund as her foot solider. 

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Jesus is a Barista


Jesus is a Barista: Given the pre-apocalyptic state of the world, God decides to send Jesus to Earth to battle demons and save humanity. Frustrated by having to save the world a second time, disenchanted Jesus lives in Brooklyn, works as a barista, and is mostly kicking it with his deity buddies Buddha and Muhamad (Mo). But a new ambitious Demon is about to kick their soul saving quest into high gear.